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Pago del Oro vineyard is characterized for its soils, with a sandy texture, clay in the subsoil and big pebbles covering the surface. This combination of different elements helps for a perfect maturation of the Tempranillo (Tinta de Toro) grapes, grown here.

The pebbles, those rolling stones covering the whole surface, act as a perfect temperature controller. Taking the heat during the day to leave it go at night, helps the vine maturing slowly the grapes. Furthermore, the sandy soil keeps it dry, but due to the clay base some water is available, when needed, to be taken by the roots deep far in the subsoil. This way, the grapes can mature slowly and with enough water to give great fresh fruit aromas.

Besides, for its unique location and orientation Pago del Oro has a special microclimate. Makes easy getting a good fenolic maturation, with fantastic fresh fruit aromas and smooth elegant tannins. On the other hand, as our forefathers realized, early spring frosts rarelly arrive here.

All the grapes grown in Pago del Oro are Tinta de Toro (Tempranillo) variety. It is recognized for the small size of the berries and their thik skin.

The vine has adapted itself to the local climate. Producing small grapes the vine ensures that these berries will not take much water that might be needed by the plant at the end of the cicle. On the other hand, covering those berries with a thik skin protetcs them from the strong summer sun light.

The result on the wines is clear. We get lots of polifenols (colour, aromas,..) and tannins which are on the skins for less juice (smaller berries).This is why we get powerful, deep colourd and full bodied wines.

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The Vineyard

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